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Creating a Pathway to Zero Emission Shipping

As knowledge centre we work with technology start-ups to develop their products, and with end consumers to find the right technology fit for their operations. 

By providing in-depth and independent advice, and by working together, we believe that we can accelerate the zero emission future.


In the lab and beyond, we help our partners with critical R&D steps to accelerate implementation. Through this cooperation, we gain in-depth knowledge about innovative new solutions

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In the world of hydrogen, the possible systems are numerous and new innovations continue to push the envelope. With our engineering expertise, we identify and design the best solution for our customers.



By connecting the right partners to the right projects, we create new opportunities for innovative hydrogen solutions. Our preliminary design studies give a clear understanding and a path forward toward actual implementation.

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Maritime Hydrogen is a small company with chemical, maritime and mechanical engineers that work closely together with technology startups, scale-ups and universities with a goal to contribute to a zero emission maritime sector.

We translate the chemical and process characteristics of different hydrogen carriers to energy systems for various types of ships. By doing feasibility studies, we design and identify the solution with the highest potential and create a solid basis for further project development.

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