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The Engineers

We have a young team of engineers motivated to dive deep into various hydrogen systems to find the right solutions for your project.


Dennis Lensing

Managing Director/ Maritime Engineer

Dennis is a maritime engineer that has specialized in hydrogen systems during his education at the TU Delft and is subsequent 2 year tenure as researcher. At Maritime Hydrogen he is dedicated to bringing conceptual idea’s to implementation.


Abdul Hannan Khan

Scientific Project Manager/ Process Engineer

Abdul is a process engineer who has done his PDEng study in Eindhoven, working with large companies to assess CO2 utilization techniques. He is strong in making insightful comparisons based on in-depth understanding of the processes.


Ali Hashempour

Senior Council/ Process Engineer

Ali is a process engineer who has done his PDEng study in Delft. His design of NaBH4 systems for inland shipping was the reason for starting the Maritime Hydrogen Start-up. In the two years since, Ali has specialized in other carriers such as LOHC and has done several studies for clients like Mitsubishi shipping. He serves the team as outside council as he transitions to a different role.

The Founders

The founders support the engineers and the business. With their extensive network they ensure we can always find the right fit for the right project.


Karin Govaert

Chairman Supervisory Board

Karin has a business and maritime background and is the founder of Rivermaas BV and has successfully invested in several companies in the maritime sector. Her extensive network and experience in building businesses are a valuable asset to the company.


Henk Jonker

Financial Controller

Henk has a background in finance and is the cofounder of Rivermaas BV. Like Karin he also has experience in guiding new companies towards success. His down to earth style keeps the balances in check and assures that we run a financially responsible company.


Joep Beukers

Business Development/ Client Relationships

Joep has extensive experience in operational management and business development. His customer centered approach and understanding of the market helps us to grow the company. His knowledge of operational management and engineering background also ensures a level of quality control for our work.

Scientific Board

Our connection with the universities allows us to cooperate closely with professors of various disciplines. This enables us to deliver state of the art insights on new hydrogen innovations.


Klaas Visser (Delft University Of Technology)

Associate Professor Maritime Engineering

After a successful career in the Royal Ducth Navy, Klaas Visser has dedicated his “second career” to research and education at the TU Delft. Coming from a propulsion background he has seen the need for a shift to green alternative fuels. Klaas is a great advocate for hydrogen carriers in the maritime sector.


Johan Padding (Delft University of Technology)

Full Professor Complex Fluid Processing

During his tenure at TU Eindhoven, and now at TU Delft, Johan has specialized in large scale multiphase flows and catalytic reactions. He uses this knowledge to help companies develop their hydrogen carrier technologies. With his work Johan is keen to contribute to a green and cleaner energy sector.


Chris Slootweg (University of Amsterdam)

Associate Professor Physical Organic Chemistry

Chris is a strong advocate for circular chemistry, a practice where the industry aims to rethink how they approach chemical processes with the aim to minimize waste. His work on hydrogen carriers focusses on how to regenerate the used carriers in the most efficient way possible.

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